website of American Civil Liberties Union Freedom Network

  • Betty Dodson
    website devoted to erotic sex education and promoting sexual freedom for heterosexuals, bisexuals, homosexuals, lesbians, transsexuals, intersexuals, and selfsexuals

  • BioGems
    online eco-activism, help save endangered wild places and animals

  • BookSense.com
    a family of independent bookseller websites - a great alternative to amazon.com

  • CPSR (Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility)
    website devoted to issues such as Internet filters, encryption, digital signatures, PICS, ethics, NII, and privacy

  • Don't spread that hoax!
    urban legends, get rich quick schemes, general warnings - check 'em before you send 'em!

  • Feminists for Free Expression
    a group of diverse feminists working to preserve the individual's right and responsibility to read, listen, view and produce materials of her choice, without the intervention of the state "for her own good."

  • House O'Chicks
    sex through the eyes of women -- home of the wonderous vulva puppets & vulva university

  • Intersex Society of North America
    devoted to systemic change to end shame, secrecy, and unwanted genital surgeries for people born with an anatomy that someone decided is not standard for male or female

  • Left of Center Greeting Cards
    an activist greeting card company ... yes, really

  • Lesbian.org
    web site dedicated to promoting lesbian visibility on the internet by providing resources, information, publications and mailing lists for lesbians

  • linux chix
    a place for female techies from around the world to get connected and get organized

  • LiP Magazine
    not-for-profit print and electronic media project dedicated to the building of a sustainable society that values diversity -- go read more right now!

    a vibrant community of: fat dykes, bisexual women, transgendered folks and our allies, seeking to end the oppression of fat people!

  • Planned Parenthood
    providing and fighting for our reproductive rights, info and health for over 30 years, and still our best hope

  • Queer Resources Directory
    contains 22769 files about everything queer.

  • Spinster Ink
    publishers of novels and non-fiction works that deal with significant issues in women's lives from a feminist perspective

  • technodyke.com a gathering place for the web savvy dyke

  • Webmonkey
    the web developers resource (and no, that's not overstating it)

  • Writing World
    comprehensive writing resource and community

  • Yes! Magazine
    hopeful news for a just, compassionate and sustainable future

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