"Sossity is the most delightfully intuitive, quick, responsive, and talented web designer I've had the pleasure of working with. She understands my poorly articulated visions for my sites (three of them she's done so far) and creates something that's perfect - what I would have been envisioning if I had a visual imagination. She's always willing to make changes as we go. I've been thoroughly pleased with every site she's done. Thanks!"

-- Freya Ray, freyaray.com

"Motherwit Web Design has made it possible for us to showcase our talent and reach an international audience. Sossity, webspinner deluxe, has very professional standards and has always gone out of her way to make sure our site looked fantastic and was exactly what we wanted. Our site really stands out among the crowd and I have Motherwit to thank for that."

-- RevaLucian, bigburlesque.com

"Motherwit Web Design has done outstanding work on my site. I've been very pleased with the look and feel of the graphics as well as the speedy completion of and upgrades to the site. In addition, Motherwit has helped me negotiate a difficult hosting situation and helped me find a new, cost effective, ethical hosting company with excellent service. They guided me through difficult technical decisions."

-- Jennie Kjos, guidedhealthonline.com

"I was strongly discouraged by some other biz folks from getting a web designer. They thought with all the places out there that have templates to build-your-own website, I shouldn't "waste the money". I have since told all those folks to think again. I have shared my experience of working with Motherwit and then they look at my website and are blown away by how professional it looks but still feels like me. Plus, when I don't know how to do something, I ask you and voila, problem solved. And the extra added bonus is you are fun to work with, girl! If I could get down on my knees and hand you a web-ring, asking you to by my designer forever, I would! Motherwit rocks!"

-- Jennifer Lanier, jenniferlanier.com

"Sossity took my vague website ideas and translated them into beautiful, functional web pages. My lack of web expertise kept me from being able to explain what I wanted. Somehow, Sossity knew (from 2000 miles away) how to put my ideas into HTML! Take every positive adjective you've ever heard about great web designers and roll them into one word. That describes Sossity's work."

-- Jamie Yocono, wooditis.com

"Sossity's work is the perfect blend of artistry and practicality for my needs. I wanted a site that was beautiful and expressive of my personal vision, and at the same time highly accessible and to the point. Sossity pulled it off with elegance, grace and style. Plus, she's great to work with and a totally righteous babe."

-- Mitzi Cowell, mitzicowell.com

"Motherwit design is not only run by an awesome mother goddess but they do a spectacular job. They always deliver quickly and promptly and cheerfully. AND they are super affordable. The web design speaks for itself."

-- Candye Kane, candyekane.com

"It has been so wonderful to work with you. You are articulate, easy-going, smart, a visionary. You listen and pay attention, and then are able to apply that vision to the website. It has been so much fun to work with you. I look forward to our continued success."

-- Bertha Markowicz, sizequeenclothing.com

"I can't afford plane fare right now, so I'm seriously considering hitchhiking across the country just to give Sossity a hug! :-) She is, straight up, a WEB-GODDESS. After running through a whole slew of flakey web people, I had nearly given up on ever finding someone who was right for the project... until this gal here told me that she was 'itching' to design The F-WORD! She then spent an INSANE amount of time guiding techno-phobic me through the design process... and she put the perfectest site together. It is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. EVER. I'm completely mesmerized, and elated beyond all manner of description. Grateful?? Heck, I wanna run an international 'give sossity all your web business... DO IT!!!' campaign!!! She's amazing!!! :-) Thank you so very very much!!!"

-- Melody Berger, thef-wordzine.com

"Motherwit Design did a brilliant job of translating our rather vague web site ideas into a great, working website..."

-- Ramsey McPhillips, kidscleaninghouse.com

"5 years of reviewing quotes, looking at web sites, and talking to every potential web site builder I met brought me to the brink of enrolling in a class to learn to build my own web site. When I met Sossity I had given up on having a web site I liked. She was understanding, reasonable and most important she is efficient. She responded to all of my questions (stupid and informed) in a timely manner. She was kind when my ideas were not useable. She is knowledgable already and willing to research if she doesn't know how to do something. It was a much less painful experience than anticipated for me. I am very happy with my web site. It was affordable and best of all it is actually available on line."

-- Pam Monette, helenspacificcostumers.com

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