Galadriel Mozee

Art Editor

Galadriel Mozee (they/them) is a nonbinary, fat, Black, queer, poet, story teller and artist who walks supported by and in honor of their Wolayta, Gullah, Jamaican, Samoan, Missourian, Russian and Jewish ancestors. They enjoy growing lush, wild and accessible gardens. Currently, Galadriel lives, works, and creates in Portland Or. You can view some of their art on Instagram at @gold_adjacent_waterfalls.

Alix Sanchez

Poetry Editor

Alix Sanchez (he/they) is a fat, femme, two-spirit poet and troublemaker. They are a member of the Little Shell tribe of Ojibwe people, and also carry French, Irish and German ancestry. They parent two children and make their living in local government. His work centers his experiences of liminality as a mixed, queer, and nonbinary, with rural roots living in the urban Pacific Northwest. You can find their work published in Fat & Queer: An Anthology of Queer and Trans Bodies and Lives, Survivance: Indigenous Poesis Vol. II, and PQ Monthly

Sossity Chiricuzio

Prose Editor

Sossity Chiricuzio (she/they) is a fat white femme outlaw poet, a working class crip storyteller. What her friends parents often referred to as a bad influence, and possibly still do. A Lambda Fellow and the CNF Editor for Gertrude Press, she is the author of the memoir Honey & Vinegar: Recipe for an Outlaw, and is found in places like The Rumpus, Stirring, Salty, Pulp, Lunch Ticket, Rogue Agent, The New Smut Project, The Impossible Beast, Say Please, and Leather Ever After. More info at:, and on social media @sossitywrites and @dirtyqueerjournal.