Letter from the Editors


Dirty Queer has gone through several changes over the years, but the foundation has remained the same: creating a space to express and connect around queer sex, sexuality, and gender. When moving to the model of an online art journal a deliberate shift was made from a single organizer to a panel of editors to improve both diversity and sustainability. What we soon discovered is that even with multiple people, the lift and work required to pull off a project like this is formidable, especially for people who are balancing jobs, art, chronic pain/illness, families, and all the stresses of a pandemic landscape. 

Knowing these are things that our future contributors would also be balancing, and that we want mutual care and disability justice and accessibility to shape our growth, we decided 3 things: 

  1. Content submissions and publications will be rolling, rather than static. 
  2. Authenticity and transparency as to our capacity as editors is crucial. 
  3. We should start in the place we know the most, our own expressions of self. 

To these ends, we commit to consistently examining our process and personal capacity, and being honest with everyone involved when we need to set a limit, take a break, or pause to address an issue. We affirm that we will prioritize marginalized voices, and treat every submission with respect, and invite you to submit your thoughts and questions and appreciation as well as your art. 

In true Dirty Queer fashion, we are going to take the first sign up spot and get this online ‘stage’ warmed up for you all. It feels like the perfect way to honor our roots, and to introduce ourselves to you. 

We hope you enjoy this first taste of the Dirty Queer Journal! 

In solidarity, 

Alix Sanchez (he/they), Poetry Editor 
Galadriel Mozee (they/them), Art Editor 
Sossity Chiricuzio (she/they), Prose Editor