Our curated open mic happens upon occasion, and is virtual.

Performances are 5 mins or less (longer with advance permission) and content must be about queer sex, sexuality and/or gender. Everyone involved (literally or figuratively) must be of legal age and consenting and we ask that you give content warnings for topics that are extra intense (ask if you're not sure if that applies to your work).

Your content will have to be submitted ahead of time and vetted for content, with priority given to 2 Spirit and Trans Black, Indigenous, People of Color, folks with disabilities, and other marginalized voices. We are open to international performers, and we welcome people at all stages of experience as a performer, but you must be 18+ to participate.

The event will have ASL interpreters, and automatic captions. We are working on providing better captions and transcripts, and we commit to prioritizing accessibility in every way we can.  Content can be live or prerecorded (pending technological availability), but we will not be video recording the event for reasons of privacy and safety. The Zoom meeting will be by registration only, password protected, employ a waiting room, and the chat screen and Q&A will be moderated. 

Notes on performances: we *highly* encourage you to use not only your words, but also your dance moves, your improv, your gender performance, your secret magic skills and more. Show us what you've got with layers of creativity and perversion!

The next open mic date is TBA.

If you have any questions, please get in touch.