Body Language

This workshop can be taught as a single session, or a 3 session series comprised of three body focused workshops leading up to the opportunity to perform, but the purpose is not about the stage. The purpose is about you, and your writing, in whatever form it takes. Come with a piece in progress or an empty page, whether you’re experienced or just begun.

Body Language is a chance to connect with this bundle of atoms, neurons and nerve endings we walk around in. To put some words to the six plus senses that we have. To give voice to the feelings, the desires, and the experiences that living is made of. That knowing at our center that connects and repels.

Participants will participate in writing exercises, group brainstorming, and feedback sessions, which will vary depending on whether this is a single or series workshop.

The brain.

This section is about finding our words, and laying a strong foundation to build them on. We’ll use guided writing exercises, group brainstorming, and constructive feedback sessions to find bits of language that speak to us, and begin the writing process on at least one piece.

The gut.

This section is about connecting our new language to the impulses that we receive from that secondary bundle of neurons in our gut - that instinct, or intuition, that we’re so often taught to ignore. We’ll use similar tools, but take our pieces to the next level – editing for visual and vocal impact.

The mouth.

This section is about opening the pathway from your voice to their minds, gut and heart – framing those words with air shaped with intention for the impact you want to make. We’ll work on timing, breathing, and intonation, as well as a final level of polishing and constructive feedback.

This type of work is also available via one on one tutoring - if you are interested or have any questions, please get in touch.