"Our time together ... has given me such new inspiration to get back working on my manuscript and it has been wonderful. Lots of new creative direction you stirred up,  thank you!!!" - Individual instruction client

"Sossity does her best magic facilitating spaces where people - even groups of strangers - feel comfortable to grow. Her instruction style is welcoming and supportive, with just enough nudging to stretch what participants think they might be capable of. In workshops, Sossity encourages emerging writers to come at their words and their stories with their whole selves - herself and her own writing fully embodying this action." - Workshop participant

"Sossity is as hard-hitting off the stage as she is on it. She challenges all her workshop participants to push and stretch, often through perfectly timed prompts that speak directly to each recipient. Her writing workshops always find a way to connect and feed both the mind and soul. She has a knack for helping people find that little piece within themselves that previously was just a feeling and through skillfully guided exercises she teases and coaxes the feeling into words and the words into a thing of beauty. Sometimes the result is raw and jagged, sometimes the result is smooth and polished, and each is as amazing as the other.

During the entire experience she holds space for the agony and the tears and the laughter that need to be seen and heard before someone can ink such intimacy onto a page. Each time I’ve left with a notebook full of ideas and several pieces that are such alive expressions of that welcoming, shared space. I eagerly wait for the next workshop every time." - Workshop participant

"Sossity’s style of teaching a writing class is very unique, but inspired. I enjoyed the informal, organic setting, and the way she thoughtfully guided us through each topic we touched upon. I found the group to not only be inclusive, but a safe space to bounce vulnerable writing off of other folk in the community. I felt very well received and comfortable opening up to the experiences we shared as a group." - Workshop participant

"I’ve been to many writing workshops- all with different things I took away. However, taking a workshop with Sossity is another experience. The themes are carefully chosen, and unique– Therefore the participants are unique. Small groups, individualized feedback, and a chance to come at your writing practice in a new way is what I have gotten out of my workshop time with her." - Workshop participant

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