For the Journal

What is your response rate on submissions? 

Expect to hear from us within two months. We're a small team and we have a general backlog to work through. Be patient, we respond to every submission we receive, and you're welcome to contact us if you don't hear back after sixty days. 

Do you take work that has been published elsewhere? 

We prefer original work, but will accept the occasional reprint (at each editor’s discretion.) Tumblr or personal blogs do not count as 'previously published.' 

Do you pay for work? 

Unfortunately we are unable to pay anyone involved in the journal, including our staff. We absolutely recognize the importance of artists being paid for their labor and hope that will change in the future. 

Do I have to publish my work with my legal or dead name? 

No, we can print your work under whichever name you use, or a pseudonym.  

For the Open Mic

If it is an open mic, why is it curated?

We curate the open mic because it's important that the event prioritizes QTPOC, folks with disabilities, and other marginalized voices, and also because the topics we cover are complex and sometimes intense.

How old do I have to be to participate?

 You must be at least 18 years old to participate, whether as a performer or an audience member.

How many pieces can I perform?

 One piece per performer, unless you get specific permission ahead of time from the MC.

What type of performances do you allow?

 Anything that is legal (see your local laws around content transmitted via the internet), relevant to the topics (sex, sexuality, and gender), and ensures that everyone involved (literally or figuratively) is of legal age and consenting. Absolutely no hate speech of any sort will be tolerated.

Poetry, stories, performance art, song, dance, magic tricks and acrobatics are just a few of the mediums that have happened at the open mic in the past.

Do I have to perform live?

 No, you can pre-record your performance if you prefer. You must submit it in a format that can be accessed easily and transmitted clearly. If you are unsure of what forms that can take, please write us at

Is the event accessible?

 We are making strides in our accessibility, with all open mics being ASL interpreted, and including transcripts, captions and screen reader support, though the last three options are built in to the Zoom platform and we have limited control over them. We are working on providing better captions and transcripts, and we commit to prioritizing accessibility in every way we can.

If you have any other questions or concerns you can write us at